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Story / Producer

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She was born in Istanbul in 1977. She received Basic Theater Training in Rıfat Ilgaz Arts Theater between 1993 and 1998 and acted in productions meanwhile. She took Theater and Performance Acting Lessons from the master of Turkish theater, Nejat Uygur. Until the year of 1997, she worked as a Voiceover and Dubbing Performer on TGRT-TV. In 1997 she worked on the Radio and in 2000 she made radio shows. 

Until the year of 2000 she took part as the screenplay consultant in Replik Film Productions and wrote various screenplays. Since April 2000 until today, she has worked in multiple firms in the sector, mainly in 24 Kare Film, as a Production Designer. She took part in numerous international projects. (Hititler, Veda, Mahmut ile Meryem, Timeline, Young Indiana Jones…)


Since 2018 she has been working on the feature-length film “SUNNA” with her own production firm, 48 Film Productions. Meanwhile she has been working as the Co-Producer of  the movie “GÜMÜŞ” with 24 Kare Film.


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