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Ali Kaygısız

Director / Producer


He was born in 1968 in Erzincan, Kemah. He stepped into the industry acting in

a bank commercial at 5 years old. Due to his upbringing into Yeşilçam, he had the

chance to work with Turkish movie veterans like Metin ERKSAN, Orhan ELMAS,

Orhan AKSOY, Memduh ÜN, Osman F.SEDEN, Yavuz ÖZKAN, Kaya EREREZ and

Mesut UÇAKAN. When he was just 17 in 1994, he founded the advertisement

company META FİLM and did promotions of various commercials and productions of

some music videos. With the 24 Kare Film Technical Production firm, that he has founded

in April 2000, he has taken part in multiple international and national productions as the producer

and director.

He took part as the producer of the Patric Bartelomeus documentary that was filmed in 2001 by the director Jacques Debs for the French Cine + channel.

In 2002, he made the dramatic documentary Hititler with Tolga Örnek.  In addition to being the first feature-length documentary to be shown in the movie theaters in Turkey, Hititler has been still to this date being shown in 5 different universities in the USA as part of lectures.

In 2006, he filmed the first horror movie of Turkey Dabbe with Hasan Karacadağ.

In 2007, he took on the responsibility of being the co-producer of the movie Taş Yastık, which won the Best Picture and Best Director awards in Shanghai and Tashkent Film Festivals.

In 2008, he produced the movie Hayattan Korkma, which was the last negative movie of the Turkish Cinema and which starred the imperishable actor and director, Zeki ALASYA in one of the leading parts.

In 2012, he made the first partnered movie project between Azerbaijan and Turkey, which was directed by Mehmet Ada Öztekin and starred actors like Aras Bulut İynemli, Eva Dedova and Kristina Krepella The movie was showed in movie theaters in 13 countries and still is being shown on TV in a lot of countries. Additionally, a 4-episode TV version of the movie became the first ever Turkish series to be streamed on digital platforms.

In 2016 he executed the Turkish production of the documentary called Timeline with German Spiegel GmbH.

He conducted the pre-filming of the movie ‘’SUNNA’’ in 2019, of which he has been working as the co-producer and the director since 2016 together with 48 Film Productions/Zeynep Girgin..

Currently he is working on the movie ‘’GÜMÜŞ ‘’ the filming of which will take place in Argentina ,Germany and Turkey.

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