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Story of the

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(The Silver)

GÜMÜŞ (THE SILVER) is a family and youth romance, considering its genre... Keeping in mind the young cinema audience going to the movie theaters, it seems like an advantage in favor of the box office...

GÜMÜŞ (THE SILVER) will be able to distinguish it self from and become successful among movies with similar productions in our cinema industry due to being filmed in three different countries, showing both cultural and natural beauties of these three countries with the addition of  its different atmosphere.

Even though it may seem like a disadvantage for the production expenses, that the story takes place mostly in Milas, Berlin and Buenos Aires; we believe that we will be successful because the locations are gathered and coordinated.

We already know about the interest our audience has towards emotional movies. We have no doubt that our movie will find its place in the hearts of the audience with its romantic storyline full of love. This is another aspect that will increase its chances on the screen.


It is the tale of Argentina, Germany and Turkey, the countries of struggle, cooperation, affection, resistance and victory. Humans can have different flags, languages, religions, and countries however love doesn’t have a language. We tell about love in our story through tango, which is one of the most beautiful dances in the world and the symbol of Argetinian culture.


We are bringing together the Zeybek dance of Egea of Turkey with the dance figures of Tango; a dance of not just love but also of bravery and challenges. Just like we brought together our protagonists that are in love with each other.

Another advantage of the movie is its form that makes it possible to have sequences. It should be noticed that it easily can find itself a spot in the international market.

In Summary;

Three beautiful countries,

Two symbols of courage,

A splendid fairy tale from three countries giving
love and history its justice...

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